IP2 GEO Location

You can see here results from few Geolocation providers. There is a small variation will come from one provider to another. You can test here to decide yourself to which you like more

Just report us if you have any issues with our IP location look up. We have only few Geolocation providers right now so just tell us if you didn’t get right results what you are expecting.

Why we need geolocation?

GeoLocation is nothing but linking IP address to your location. Using this you can identify and track from where visitors are coming to your website. Like this you can see from which country and location they are coming. You it will display languages and country codes that reduces frauds and hacks.

You can check from perticuler location how many people have visited you website. There are so many tools available in internet to track all these. Some people may use 3rd party websites which has shared hosting with another’s. IP lookup will reveals name of IPS who owns that IP address. Sometimes you can find easily country along with city also.